Our Core Values

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Scalable and Highly Available

Acquiring terabytes of data of any structure inside the workspace and organise them is very simple.You can import data from any DataBase or files into our cost effective cloud based platform.

At the click of Mouse, we can publish to platforms like Impala/Hive/Tez or even external RDBMS like MySQL,Oracle,etc. It can also carry out data conversions if there are incompatibilities between the source data and the target platform

Seamless Integration

We provide an easy to use UI and APIs to build queries to analyse data without having to know any programming language.It exposes both a batch and a real-time engine to analyse your data.

Machine Learning and Interactive queries on 100's of Terabytes data/billions of Records comprising machine data such as readings from sensors, wearables, clickstreams, server logs, etc. both current and historical is possible with DataSquare in your IT stack.

Self-Service OLAP BI

We provide a very easy way to generate charts out of huge datasets, providing smart ways for data size reduction. You could, for example, create a chart or a scatter plot from a table with billions of rows.

A very fast previewer ensures quick and responsive exploration of the data sets. We use Apache Spark/Tez/Presto on top of Hive/Pig to further speed up query response times.

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