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Our vision is to radically simplify the way people work with data

Our mission is to empower customers to transform their businesses into Fact-Based Enterprises . innData masks the complexity of Hadoop, making it easy for customers to understand all the facts in their business across events, actions, behaviors and time. With innData Big Data Analytics software, we make it easy to transform Big Data in Hadoop into hard facts. Big Data Analytics masks the complexity of Big Data so that business users can capitalize on all of the data at their disposal — regardless of type or source. We make it easy for business users to interrogate their Big Data by asking deeper questions and correlating behavior and actions across multiple domains of data (no matter if it’s click-streams, mobile apps, social networks, sensors or internal databases) so they can make fact-based decisions, faster.

It used to be easy to draw a line between who in the organization needs access to analytics and who doesn’t. In today’s data-saturated business environment, that distinction is much harder to make.

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We know Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is an emerging category of software which allows business users to interrogate enormous amounts of data in an easy to use, iterative manner. Business users can ask deeper questions, correlate behavior and actions across multiple domains of data.

Our Customers drive us!

We feel for their dilemmas, and are thrilled to bring them the solution that gives them a serious edge in the market. From our true partnership approach to working together, to the tiniest product details and customer support that’s second to none, we do all we do for them.

We're NOT afraid to pick a fight!

The business data marketplace has been led by companies armed with massive sales teams instead of truly innovative solutions that deliver concrete, business-driving facts. Until now. Fiction, faith, and feelings are out. The Fact-Based Enterprise is here.

Our People blow our socks off!

We unabashedly celebrate their character, curiosity, drive and talent. We stand in awe of their intense desire to win, their willingness to collaborate and sacrifice, and their continued attention (some might call it obsession) to even the tiniest of product details. Sound interesting? See Our Open Positions