DataSquare’s state of the art machine learning software can produce fast, accurate, and scalable predictive models to help you:

Increase Operational Efficiency

Find best routes. DataSquare’s predictive analytics can find patterns in traffic to automatically direct you to fastest, shortest routes Predict peak seasons. Efficiently reallocate resources to anticipate spikes in deliveries during different times of the year Boost issue detection. Spot outliers and changes in user behavior early on to continuously implement innovative measures. For example, identify theft patterns and take steps to reduce risk.

Focus on Business Results

DataSquare provides critical device control for wireless IP network components resulting in improved network and service quality, accelerated deployments and change control leading to lower operational costs. The flexible, scalable software suite consists of integrated infrastructure management products for multi-vendor, multi-technology environments.

Our team of experts in Big Data technologies and BI will help to identify your Big Data problem and assist you in setting up a proof of concept in your datacenter or on the cloud.

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