A Telecom company needs to analyze the customer data records as generated by the service platforms. As you can imagine the amount of data is extremely huge, this is definitely one of the toughest BigData use-cases.

Being able to extract valuable information from the raw CDR as generated by the network is invaluable. It’s really a gold mine of information that can be used for many purposes, fraud detection, user profiling, network optimization.

DataSquare and Hadoop allow managing this flood of data with an unbeatable TCO.

DataSquare provides a simple drag and drop web based interface that allows a non technical user to generate complex queries that are automatically translated into batch jobs executed in parallel on the Hadoop cluster. The results can be automatically exported to other business intelligence tool allowing to preserve already made investments.

DataSquare provides critical device control for wireless IP network components resulting in improved network and service quality, accelerated deployments and change control leading to lower operational costs. The flexible, scalable software suite consists of integrated infrastructure management products for multi-vendor, multi-technology environments.

DataSquare manages the diverse set of interdependent network elements that deliver today's high-speed wireless IP services. The result is a a single source of the truth and visibility into the performance and make up of wireless IP network infrastructure. It also provides the framework for the next generation of network management automation functionality that is critical for self-optimization (SON), management and integration.

DataSquare core architecture includes Real-time, Historical, Asset, and Configuration engines for a scalable interconnected framework for one application in a single network environment, and the foundation for automating IP network and service management.

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